Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s Wedding Rings

A man tends to get palpitations and anxiety when thinking about buying engagement and wedding rings for his prospective life partner. However, when it comes to selecting a band for himself, he rarely ever gives it a thought. If this sounds a bit like you, don’t worry. There are several things to take into account when selecting your own ring or one for your partner. Ladies, listen up. If you’re feeling forward and want to do the proposing, you need to pay attention to the minor details of the ring.

Let us look at some parameters while choosing men’s wedding rings.

Metal Choice:

Traditionally men wore rings made of yellow gold or platinum. Nowadays, men have as many choices as women do. They can choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, green gold, platinum, palladium, sterling silver, and titanium. Rose gold is known as romantic gold and owes its color to a mixture of yellow gold and red copper. Platinum is a silvery-white metal that is the most durable of all while sterling silver is beautiful to look at with silvery matte or shine but is the easiest to get tarnished and scratched.

White gold has a lower price point than platinum. Palladium is a darker shade of metal and is less expensive than white gold and platinum. Titanium is a popular choice for men’s wedding rings and is also known for its hypoallergenic properties. It is a very strong metal that is resistant to scratching, bending, and denting. However, because it is so strong, resizing and engraving the rings can become difficult once they’re made.



Many men prefer wide bands, while some prefer the width of the band to be medium to thin. Ideally, you should try out a few rings in varying rings and metals before you decide on a width for your own wedding ring. Wider rings tend to be more expensive than mid to thin width rings since there is more metal used. If you plan to add a few precious or semi-precious stones to your wedding rings like blue sapphires or diamonds, the cost of the ring will increase since the width will also have to increase in order to accommodate the stones.



Finish is usually the texture of the metal on the wedding ring. Finish is of four popular types – High polish which is the most reflective and shiny type, Matte finish which is less reflective with a modern look, Combination finish which combines High polish and Matte finish (usually in separate textures on the same ring to get a trendy feel), and Hammered finish which looks as if the metal has been hammered in a pattern to make it look attractive yet rugged. Men who want an unusual wedding ring pattern usually opt for hammered finish rings. However, hammer-finish rings are not ideal for stone or detail work.



The fit of the ring is extremely important since you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. Most men prefer comfortable wedding bands that won’t be an obstruction to their daily work. Men’s wedding bands can be made to fit into flat patterns or curved patterns that sit comfortably against the skin. Comfort fit wedding bands have rounded edges and are the most popular choice for wedding rings. These can be made in any metal according to your choice of finish. If you’re unsure of the look and feel of the wedding ring, try a few for size and feel before you make a selection.



Earlier, men didn’t have too many choices about detailed work on wedding rings. Thankfully that is no longer the case. You can have a custom designed wedding ring that suits your heritage or history. You could add scattered stones, designs, scroll patterns, vertical rows of stones, hexagonal diamond patterns, and so on. You could also get an engraving of your partners’ fingerprint, nature motifs, family crests, and antique patterns if you so choose.


There are many options for men’s wedding rings to choose from. With personalised styles that can please the eye to customised and symbolic rings, men also have a variety of options for their own wedding rings.