What to Consider When Choosing the Bridal Bouquets

When it comes to choosing the perfect UK wedding florists, you will also have to know what you want and the style of the bouquet. Many brides find the process of choosing their own flowers to be overwhelming and time-consuming. However, in this guide, we will help provide you with the most useful tips and information on what you need to know.

Here is what to consider when choosing the bridal bouquets.

Choose the Shape

Many brides are surprised to learn about just how many different shapes there are to choose from in a bridal bouquet. With a wide variety of bouquet types, you can choose from round and extravagant to small and simple. It is up to you to determine just how many attention you want to draw to your flowers. Do you want the bouquet to draw attention? Does the style fit your theme? Consider these questions when choosing the shape of the bouquet.

Fresh versus Faux Flowers

While this option is all about personal preference, most flower options are rather more expensive than its other competitors. If budget is not a concern and you want to keep your bouquet, you can opt to choose silk flowers. In addition, fresh flowers will allow you to preserve them after the wedding. Keep in mind that most brides prefer the luxury of fresh wedding flowers with a great look and scent.

Determine the Colors

For many brides, it can be hardtop decide on the colors for their bridal bouquet. This will usually come down to either matching the colors of their theme or accent colors. Would you like to match your flowers with the rest of the décor? In so, you can match the overall theme accordingly. One trick is to use the bridesmaids, accessories, and invitation as a guide.

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Do you know what type of bridal bouquet you plan to have on your wedding day? Comment below and let us know your favorites!

Annoying Wedding Habits Every Couple Should Avoid At All Costs

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many things that a couple must consider. From the food to the wedding vows, the list of planning the wedding details goes on. However, amidst the wedding planning, it can be easy to mistakes along the way.

Here are annoying wedding habits every couple should avoid at all costs.

Setting Strict Policies

Setting an undesirable and often difficult policy is frustrating for guests. When you decide not to allow children to join, this can be the most frustrating for guests who have children. As a result, many guests may end up not coming and leave you with an emptier guest list.

Setting Clothing Style

Choosing what the guests can wear is another annoying habit that couples make. While guests will typically wear dressy clothing is a uniform idea. Being told what color or style to wear is often a distress as guests may be forced to buy a new outfit just for the wedding.

Inviting More Guests Than They should

Some couples end up inviting more people than they can possibly think of. What is the main reason? Only to gain more gifts. You can usually determine who these couples are by the number of guests they invite. If you only met the family once and receive an invitation, this is most likely due to the potential in gaining extra money or gifts.

Choosing a Destination Wedding

When couples decide to have a destination wedding, they must also determine the costs and budget that goes with it. In fact, they should not demand their family and friends to pay for everything. Anyone who chooses to have their wedding abroad should make sure that they would be able to pay for it on their own. Be considerate of guests who may or may not be able to afford the trip.

Weddings are joyous occasions that provide the special celebration for couples. Be sure to avoid these mistakes to ensure that your wedding is a special day.

Top 4 Ways to Avoid the Pre-Wedding Bloat Before Your Big Day

Want to look your best on your wedding day? Aside from the aspects of your wedding details, brides are also focused on looking their absolute best for the biggest day of their lives. However, even with the best diet, having the feeling of bloat is the last thing you want to happen.

Here are the top 4 ways to avoid the pre-wedding bloat before your big day.

Eliminate Salt

During the last week prior to your wedding, be sure to eliminate all sodium from your diet. The excess salt intake will cause your body to hold water and extra fat. This will ultimately leave you to feel weighed down and heavy. To prevent that tummy bloat, be sure to refrain from salt and stick with salt-free seasonings such as paprika, lemon juice, and fresh herbs.

Avoid artificial flavors

Many of us enjoy the flavors of sugar and diet soda options. However, to reduce the risk of bloat, we will need to cut off any excess calories we can. When preparing for your big day, you will need to refrain from sugar alcohols that cause bloat. Even sugar found in mints and gum can reduce the potential of de-bloat.

Avoid Alcohol

While the traditional bachelorette party takes place prior to the last week of the wedding, you probably might have a hard time staying away from alcohol. However, with proper planning and control, you can still enjoy a night out on the town by limiting yourself and throwing the event at least a week before the actual wedding day. When you consume alcohol, your body holds extra fat and leaves you with an additional 3 lbs. of water weight – ultimately bloat.

Drink Plenty of Water

While it may sound like the complete opposite of what you want, drinking more water will help eliminate water bloat.  This is because your body will hold on to extra water to eliminate water when you are not giving it enough. You will want to consume at least 1 gallon of water per day. while you might end up in the bathroom every hour, this will allow you to flush down water weight.

Are you ready for your big day? What measures are you taking to look your best on your wedding day? Comment below and share your tips with us!